Adidas Futurecraft 4D Running Shoes

Adidas had recently launched its best shoes known as ”Adidas Futurecraft 4D” so far which is futuristic.The training shoe which features a 3D printed midsole created with Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology was first unveiled last Spring and is now available exclusively at three stores in New York City. This Futurecraft 4D has unlocked a new era in sports performance design.

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Adidas made this futurecraft shoes from a technology which is never used before by any footwear company called digital light synthesis in a simple language these things are made with 3D printing plus Adidas claims the process allows us to manipulate minute details in a running shoe like never before. Adidas built these shoes with the help of 17 years of running data and more than 60 prototypes, the legendary company finally came up with running shoes which it claims to be the best so far.

adidas futurecraft 4d running shoes sole 3D printing alphamenz

The sole of the shoes is uniquely crafted. It features sock-like construction, Primeknit, and an engineered sole created with light and oxygen.

  • The sole is manufactured by the company CARBON which claims that this sole improve the overall performance of the athlete and provide comfort also and Each midsole contains 20,000 struts, with the 4D element coming into play as they can be geared toward the individual and ‘tuned’ to requirements needed at the time. Further, the launch of FUTURECRAFT 4D is a testament to the deep and dynamic partnership between Adidas and Carbon, and illustrates the power of true digital 3D Manufacturing at scale and the infinite possibilities ahead.”
  • The outer sole is manufactured by the tyre company “CONTINENTAL”. The Primeknit upper allows cool breeze to reach our feet.

Model: Adidas Futurecraft 4D

Price: $300 USD

Release Date: January 18

Key Features: Crafted with Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology, sock-like fit, single-component midsole, Continental outsole and Primeknit upper.

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  • While running you will find a noticeable bounce in the sole which pushes you forward.

  • The Primeknit upper allows the cool air to circulate through the shoe, this cools down the heat generated inside the shoe.

  • Its a good pair of shoe for running because they provide extra bounce but for everyday purpose, some users may find the extra bounce annoying.

  • Wonderful running shoes

This is the official video released by the Adidas which describe all about this beautiful piece of engineering.


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