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Let’s talk about the superstar of all the shoes Adidas has ever built, THE ADIDAS SUPERSTAR. These are one of the most iconic and popular shoes and still ruling the market since 1969. Most of the men fashion influencer and boggers pair these pair of shoes nearly with every kind of outfit but let us know more about these.

Adidas superstars shoes alphamenz


The Superstar is a low-top shoe/sneaker. When it was introduced, it was the first low-top basketball shoe to feature an all-leather upper and the now famous rubber shell toe.Due to its rubber toe protection and non-marking sole, it caught the attention of some of the best players from the NCAA and NBA, within 5 years this attractive piece of leather become so popular that more than 75% of NBA players use to wear THE SUPERSTAR.

The Superstars easily made the transition from the basketball court to the street as it was sported by hip-hoper and other dancers. In 70’s pop culture introduce these shoes to dance world. Later on, the legacy passes on to other dancers like ‘b-boys‘ but they customize them by replacing the old laces with extra thick laces called “fat laces”. they mostly match the colour of laces with the colour of stripes on the shoes. then everyone use to wear it from kids, women to men, Everone.


 alphamenz white superstar adidas
  • Triple-black smooth leather upper and 3-Stripes.
  • Textile lining.
  • Trefoil logo on tongue and heel patch.
  • Classic rubber shell toe (famous for).
  • Perfectly gold detailed.
  • Herringbone-pattern rubber cup sole.
  • the ADIDAS ORIGINALS logo at the back.


These are the most famous colour

  • Running White

white adidas superstars alphamenz


  • Core Black

core black adidas superstars alphamenz

But there are also so many colours available in Superstar for kids, women and men.Nowadays people also wear custom Adidas Superstar.


How to Style Adidas Superstar with your outfit


1)  white shirt/t-shirt+ blue denim +ADIDAS SUPERSTAR (casual outfit)

adidas superstar 1 alpahmenz

2) black leather jacket + white t-shirt+ blue denim+shades +ADIDAS SUPERSTAR

adidas superstar 1 alpahmenz 12

3) maroon jacket (bomber will look cool) + white Adidas originals/Gucci /Zara white t-shirt + black jean/chinos +ADIDAS SUPERSTAR

vaibhav singh rajput alpahamenz adidas superstar outfit

4) black blazer + black trouser/chinos +watch + sunglass+ t-shirt +superstar (date look/night out)

alphamenz adidas superstar outfit

5) blue denim jacket + black crew neck t-shirt/ black hood+  black jean/chinos +ADIDAS SUPERSTAR

alphamenz adidas superstar 12344 outfit


6) OLIVE GREEN bomber jacket +  black/white crew neck t-shirt + black jean/chinos +ADIDAS SUPERSTAR


r alpahamenz adidas superstar outfit


7) black leather jacket + white t-shirt+ black ragged denim +ADIDAS SUPERSTAR (date look)

adidas superstar 1 alpahmenz

8) Black jacket (OPTIONAL) + stip t-shirt +black ragged demin/ CREAM Trouser/ brown trouser +White superstar.

adidas superstar 3 alpahmenz

9) all white/all black (for dancers)

adidas superstar 1 alpahmenz 1

10) white jacket +black chios +white adidas superstar

adidas superstar 1 alpahmenz 14

11) a shirt + sandos /t-shirt + jeans + superstar (casual holiday look)

alphamenz superstar adidas112outfit

12) cap+ black t-shirt + grey ragged trouser +black/white superstar (college look)

alpahamenz adidas superstar 1234

If you have any other combination in mind please comment down below.

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  1. For an everyday outfit that is full of character and personality consider pairing a navy bomber jacket with grey casual pants. White Adidas Superstar sneakers will give your look an on-trend feel.

    1. yes, it will and you can also replace blue bomber with red and white superstars with a black one for a different but confident way.

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