BCAA’s  stands for  

B – branch
C – chain
A – amino
A – acids



Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) refers to three amino acids:


Leucine plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis. Leucine is the primary BCAA’s and is the BCAA’s where most benefit is given to. Supplementing Leucine on its own is still beneficial and may be cheaper than BCAA mixes. However many people consider it as the ‘main’ amino acid due to the most popular benefit of BCAAs (muscle building) being mostly due to the leucine. Thatswhy most of the BCAA’s have leucine in higher quantity than others.


It induces glucose uptake into cells. Isoleucine is intermediate for its ability to induce muscle protein synthesis but is able to significantly increase glucose uptake and the usage of glucose during exercise. It does not promote glycogen synthesis.


Valine is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It is essential in humans, meaning the body cannot synthesize it and that’s why it must be obtained from the diet. Human dietary sources of valine are meats, dairy products,  soy products, beans and legumes.


NOTE: BCAAs are important to ingest on a daily basis, but many protein sources, like meat and eggs, already provide BCAAs. Supplementation is not necessary for people with a sufficiently high protein intake (1-1.5g per kg of bodyweight a day or more), but still, if a person is on shredding, doing hardcore or if you are an athlete should consider taking it .

These three amino acids with similar structures that beneficially influence the muscles. In recent years, BCAA’s supplements have come back into vogue in the fitness and bodybuilding community, and with good reason. There’s more research that supports the use of BCAA than most other supplements in the market. New studies have shown that dieting groups supplementing with BCAA’s increase muscle retention and maximize fat loss much more effectively than non-supplemented groups. Dieting is catabolic, which means it can lead to muscle breakdown, for several reasons. The leaner your body gets, the more likely it is to lose muscle mass as the body tries harder and harder to hold onto body fat stores. In simple words, the body starts eating muscle tissues when you are shredding to maintain its energy level, which means the body will turn to muscle to satisfy its energy needs. But it’s costly as compare to protein or any other supplements like this. Muscle repair = more muscle growth!


Are They Suitable For Me?

BCAAs are great for those who are looking to increase mass, as well as those looking to lose fat. Anyone can take BCAAs – and they will benefit you in different ways.BCAAs are a great way for those over the age of 35 to boost the amount of muscle they can build Even for younger lifters too.


How to Take

As recommended dosage by a certified nutritionist

The standard dosage for isoleucine is 48-72 mg per kilogram of body weight and that too assuming a non-obese person. Standard leucine dosage is between 2-10g. But still, the dosage varies from person to person and also depends on their goals. Thatswhy it is said to ….take advice from a certified nutritionist before taking it.


Benefits of BCAAs

BCAAs increase the rate of protein synthesis

Accelerate recovery of the body 

Reduce muscle soreness of body

✓ BCAA supplements can help to reduce tiredness

Improve the use of fat for energy and save your muscle tissues 

BCAAs reduce the amount of protein breakdown

Side Effects/Safety Precautions

BCAAs are harmless and they are even one of the safest supplements present in the market.

× In case of  Pregnancy and Breastfeeding it’s not recommended to take.

× If you are undergoing for a Surgery don’t even think of taking BCAAs. As BCAAs have been shown to affect blood sugar levels.


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    1. Buddy BCAA is intrawork out supplement , ideally it is consumed during workout but preworkout supplements are taken before workout

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