Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Winner : Mugen Rao

Finally, the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil winner has been declared on the bases of the public voting and he is non-other than Mr Mugen Rao. On the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Grand Finale Malaysian singer-actor, Mugen Rao has been presented the trophy along with the prize money of 50 lakhs by the host of big boss 3 Tamil Kamal Hasan.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Grand Finale bigg boss 3 tamil winner mugan Rao

Mugen Rao is the top scorer in the race to the finale and he eventually won the ‘Golden Ticket to finale’ and become the first finalist of the season. Bigg boss 3 Tamil winner Mugen Rao is well known for his friendly nature and fair gameplay which made him the winner of this season and of course for his songs as he is a singer with a beautiful voice. Mugen Roa has survived 105 days in Bigg Boss house where he lives in an isolated house cut off from the rest of the world. Mugen Rao, Losliya Mariyanesan, Sandy Master and Sherin Shringar were the finalist and Dancer and choreographer Sandy was the first runner up of the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Grand Finale bigg boss 3 tamil winner finalist

No doubt this season of Bigg Boss was a big hit and gained a lot of popularity too as Krishnan Kutty, the Business head of Star Vijay said: “We received 20 crore votes in the finals alone, which is among the highest for any Bigg Boss season anywhere in the world.” and this season had broken the record of previous 2 seasons in terms of TRP and public votes as the news is coming that this season of Bigg Boss gets nearly 200 crore votes in total for all the contestants through the season which shows that this season is the biggest among all 3. Mugan Rao also thanked his fans and family who supports him throughout his journey in the Bigg Boss house on social media.

Team Alphamenz also congratulate Mr Mugan Rao for his victory on becoming Bigg Boss 3 Tamil winner and wish him success.


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