Coronavirus Test Kit In India- PathoDetect

The news is confirmed that Pune based MYLAB is the first Indian company to get coronavirus test kits validated. Yes, you read it right a Pune based molecular diagnosed Mylab Discovery Solutions has successful developed Covid-19 test kit named as PathoDetect which received commercial approval from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO). The test kit by the company Mylab is the first ”Made in India” kit to receive commercial approval from CDSCO.

First made in india Covid-19 test kit coronavirus test kit in india by mylab pune 1

Coronavirus Test Kit In India- First made in India Covid-19 test kit named as PathoDetectFirst made in india Covid-19 test kit coronavirus test kit in india by mylab pune 1 PathoDetect

is developed by a Pune based molecular lab – Mylab also known as the Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests by the Drug Controller of India. As we all know that the new Covid-19 is a very serious issue and W.H.O declared it as world epidemic, we are continuously fighting with it with limited resources. In this situation, this made-in-India kit will be surely taken as an achievement of India. This kit is developed as per the guidelines of W.H.O/CDC guidelines with the help of both central and state government.

The PathoDetect Kit screens and detect the coronavirus within 2 and half hours which is way too faster and cheaper than the previous protocols. The previous protocol takes up to 7 hours to detect the coronavirus infection and is way costlier than the Pathodetect kit developed by India. The biotech company says that they can manufacture up to 1 lakh tests in a week which can be further scaled up if required. The whole world is taking every possible measure in order to deal with this World Epidemic. Earlier the government don’t have enough resources in order to test every citizen with this achievement government will be able to test more people and that too in a cost-effective way. We team Alphamenz suggest you to follow the guidelines of government and keep yourself in a quarantine.

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