Eggs are laid by female animals of many different species . Eggs are one of the most basic and common edible item found in every house, they are available world wide even in the rain forest of Amazon. In this article, we will talk about nutrition fact of egg and what they are made of.


The shell of the egg is mostly made of CALCIUM CARBONATE and makes up about 9-12% weight on an egg. The yellow part of the egg is called yolk and it’s about 34% of liquid weight of an egg.

They are one of the cheapest source of protein right now present in the market. Everyone knows about scrambled eggs also.

Egg consist of 2 parts

  1. Egg White

  2. Egg Yolk


Both the parts approximately contain equal amount of protein, ie 3 grams.The cholesterol present in the  yellow part of the egg is good for your body , good for the hormones . You don’t need to worry about the myth that eggs will increase your body cholesterol level drastically , in fact they are the cheapest source of protein and if you are on KETO diet they are mandatory . They are high quality protein source which does not contain any amount of sugar or carbs. Eggs are very beneficial in case of pregnancy cause development of infant’s memory functions.


Benefits of Egg

  • May reduce risk of heart diseases.

  • Improves eye health , as egg contain a form of lutein and it is 4 times better than spinach when its comes to improving eye health naturally.

  • Help preventing many diseases.

  • Aid in weight loss , by giving you the dynamic ratio of protein and fat .

  • Improves Liver function and brain health , and the easy to digest fat even boost the brain.

  • Keep skin healthy 

  • Keep hair thick 

Other types editable eggs 

  • Duck egg

  • Roe

  • Turkey egg

  • Goose egg

  • Quail egg

  • Pheasant egg

  • Guinea fowl egg

    What are you waiting for go consume eggs ,they don’t raise cholesterol infact they could just transform your health .Folks eggs are one of the most powerful and affordable food on the planet.If you wish to know more food items consist of protein click on – protein items

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