(Mango ice cream shake)

It’s summer time and kids usually love summers for two reasons,  first is summer holidays and second is ice cream. In this article, we will use one of the tastiest things that everyone loves that is ice cream to prepare ice cream milkshake. But folks its summer time and if we want to gain mass and muscle we can also go for the seasonal fruits of summer like the king of fruits, mango. Mango is also rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Many people believe that this fruit also helps in gaining weight. In this article, we are going to take best ingredients but if some of the items are not available you can also replace them and yes one more thing if you are not using any kind of protein supplement then you can skip it. But if you will make this musclebuilding shake according to our instructions it will contain

1110 calories = 125carbs/40fats/63protien



OATSice cream milkshake alphamenz 1


COCONUT MILKice cream milkshake alphamenz 13


MANGOice creammango milkshake alphamenz 1444



ice cream milkshake alphamenz


NOTE: We are using protein to increase the protein level in our shake and it’s optional. If you do not want to take any protein supplement you can avoid it. It’s totally up to you.


Chop 150gm of mango into a blow.

Add half cup oats along with 1 cup of coconut milk.

Now pour the items in a mixer jar.

Add 2 scoop of protein powder and 1 cup of ice cream.

This shake is one of the tastiest ice cream milkshake for muscle building as it is loaded with good ingredients which are easily available. As compared to those mass gainer supplements our shake contains high-quality protein and carbs. Team alphamenz don’t suggest you rely on supplements only as the real thing is food, good quality clean food. So stay healthy eat healthily.

ice cream milkshake alphamenz 91


  • Don’t add protein powder in the blow as when you transfer the blow’s content, protein powder may stick at the bottom blow.
  • Use nice quality ice cream.
  • The shake”s flavour can become tropical, as its flavour depends on the flavour of ice cream, protein and fruit(mango).

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