Kanika Kapoor Tests Coronavirus Positive

Baby Doll Singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive for COVID-19

The famous Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor tests Coronavirus positive. Kanika travelled to London lately and came back in Lucknow on March 15. She was trying to hide her travel history as she also did not inform any authorities about her travel history. In fact, Kanika hosted a lavish party for her friends and family at a 5- star hotel in Lucknow after returning from London. A large number of politicians, bureaucrats and socialites had attended the party. The singer was staying in a high-class apartment. Medical officials are now unsure how to quarantine the entire building where the Bollywood singer stayed and also subject the guests at the party to tests. A doctor at the KGMU stated, that “Some people have started approaching us for tests but we still do not know how to make the VIPs undergo tests,”.

Kanika Kapoor Tests Coronavirus Positive

Singer reported some symptoms of flu that’s why she opts for the test and on Friday singer Kanika Kapoor tests coronavirus positive. She confirmed that by posting a post on Instagram in which she wrote from the past 4 days, she have the signs of flu. She got herself tested and it comes positive for Covid-19. She added that her family members along with herself are in quarantine now and following medical advice on how to move forward.

Kanika Kapoor Tests Coronavirus Positive

After her Instagram post, people are slamming her as Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor tests positive for coronavirus in Lucknow and she had hosted a party for friends knowing the current situation of the world. Youth is criticizing her for throwing a party even after feeling the symptoms. Coronavirus is declared as the pandemic by W.H.O.

People are continuously posting on Instagram and twitting on twitter against her and expressing their views and criticizing her for that act of throwing the party after noticing the symptoms.

Kanika Kapoor Tests Coronavirus Positive

Kanika Kapoor Tests Coronavirus Positive

We suggest you to take all the precautions in order to fight the Coronavirus and take a healthy diet.


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