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We all know that young generations are going towards bodybuilding. All those college/ schools going students are joining the gym to gain weight and to bulk up. Wheather to get girls, come in limelight or to build a quality physique, there could be many endless reasons. As they are still students, some of them cant afford the supplements. Let’s see how we can make mass gainer shake from all natural ingredients.

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This post is all about a homemade MASS GAINER SHAKE which can replace those costly mass gainer supplement.

NOTE: In mass gainer supplements, companies add sugar, added flavours and carbs to increase the calories. Those CARBS are coming from cheap nutrient and simple carbs. They do not have inadequate protein and the quality protein is also cheap.

Let’s start with our shake now


1) OATS (1/2 cup)

They will provide you complex carbs. Frist pour them into blender/mixer jar and blend them till they come to its powdered form. Rolled or OLD FASHION OATS will be perfect for it cause they are made with 100% whole grain oats.

2) WHOLE MILK (300 ml)

It will provide you with 185-217 calories.14-16 grams carbs, the fat and protein will be nearly equal like 10-12 grams


6-10 almonds will be enough.


2 medium size bananas will have 210 calories.


NOTE: there can be a 6th ingredient too but only for those who can afford Whey protein. They can add 1scoop of their whey protein in this shake.

flavours:  you can also choose Hershey’s chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, berries or honey to add flavours to your shake.

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