How to Perfectly Groom Men’s Eyebrows

This post is not only for the men but also for the ladies who try to shape eyebrows of their men. Female think they know how to shape eyebrows of a man as they use to shape there from very early ages. But here we are to bust this myth and to teach everyone how to groom men’s eyebrow.

Now, most of you think why to groom and when to groom. It depends from person to person because everyone has different hair growth and hair type so there is no exact time. There is a difference between man’s eyebrow and a chicks eyebrow. We know most of the men don’t consider eyebrow grooming as a part of necessary male grooming habits but the truth is that majority of us are not born with perfectly shaped and position eyebrows that means we have to take care by taking this matter into our own hands.

Your barber might be doing more harm than good.

Now many of you think that we can use shaving razor, hair clippers etc because you saw a barber in your social media feeds using a shaving razor to shape male eyebrow but my friend you have to understand there is a small difference between a chicks eyebrow and men eyebrow. One more thing your eyebrows are pretty soft they are not as hard as your beard and  hairs your head plus I personally don’t suggest you, to use a shaving razor in case of eyebrows as the more your barber use it the more frequently you have to visit him to get your eyebrows done as the shaving also increases the growth of  Vellus hairs and if you try to save  money and try to razors on your eyebrows god knows whats gonna happen to your eyebrows, you may end up with only single eyebrow. No waxing, no shaving, the right way is to pluck hairs from underneath.

Let’s cut it out and follow these simple step which only requires four things –

  1. Mirror
  2. Comb/Brush
  3. A pair of high-quality Plucker/Tweezers
  4. Sharp Scissors


maybe you can get an Eyebrow Grooming Kit

eyebrow kit men


Steps –

1)  Determine where your eyebrows start and stop.

  • Draw a straight line from the centre of the nostrils up to your eyebrows this will, however, will be the starting point. Once you find the starting point use Plucker/Tweezers to pluck the hairs in this area this will help you to get rid of those ugly unibrows.

 men eyebrows 1 grooming

  • Draw a straight line from the centre of your nose to the outer edge of your eyes, extend it a little bit and where this line touch your eyebrow and that will be your ending point. Now use your Plucker/Tweezers to pluck the hairs around it.

 men eyebrows 1 grooming

2)  Add an ARCH

Draw a straight line from the centre of your nose to the irisNow remove the hair underneath the eyebrow to add a little dimension to the eyebrow.

 men eyebrows 1 grooming

3) Trim a bit

Use a comb/brush to brush up your eyebrows toward your head. Use sharp scissors to trim those untidy and overgrown hairs.


  1. Don’t overdo your eyebrows. Dude don’t pluck it to the point that it looks feminine.
  2. Clearly divided eyebrowsas eyebrows are two, not one. So always remember to cut the unibrow.
  3. No shaving or Waxing.
  4. Threading can also be done.

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