Hey there, today we are going to talk about the most successful skateboarding shoe brand – VANS. As we know California is known to be the birthplace of most of the valuable things in the world but in 1966 a company was founded that become an evolution in terms of shoes.

vans alphamenz16 March 1966, Brothers Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren along with partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia open for business at 704 E. Broadway in Anaheim, Californian. It was a company that directly sell its shoes to the public. So they are doing everything by there own, there was no middle middleman and that the thing which makes them different. Well, if I say that after hearing the word vans the first two things that came up to our mind are 1st skateboard 2nd shoes. Vans is basically a simple canvas shoe that comes with a pretty decent white rubber sole at that time but nowadays they deal in all kind of fashion stuff from head to toe. Today there are offering sports asserts for surfing and show boarding too other than skateboarding. There was a time in the when every skateboarding magazine was flooded with the photos of skateboarders wearing vans shoes. There were other skateboarding shoes in the market but vans begin to get the attention of young children. In the early 1970’s skateboarders who like vans are seen sporting Vans all over southern California. Young kids who just want to look like their favourite skateboarder star choose vans over any other shoes. But in the beginning, the company does not aim to make their product of skateboarding but then they realised that the skateboarder like there shoes so much and they are gaining popularity among them in California.


Vans#95, now known as the Era comes in the market and become a hit. The Vans Old Skool debuts with the Vans vans edit po men shoe historySidestripe and became everyone favourite.VANS constantly trying to modify its product according to the need of their customs and bringing varies in shoes. The company keep on taking suggestions from skateboarders and BMX riders and with there help manage to create The Vans #98(Classic Slip-Ons). The next suggestion given to the company was to build a shoe with is a bit more comfortable and also protect the ankle and shield the bone, so the company came up with Sk8-Hi in 1978.

The company became famous in California but now the main objective was marketing so that the whole county came to know about it. Believe me or not this task was completed by a movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The movie made Slip-on so famous.In 1984 After 2 years of the movie Vans files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to the variety of shoe. In 3 years, the company has paid back all creditors and once again come back in business. In 2000 Fobes declared the company as one of America’s best small companies. Now the company is all around the globe and a very famous brand.

vans black history

Its also provide customizing on its site – Many artists also use to draw and write on these use in order to make them different and attractive.

custom vans



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