What’s in My Man Bag

Let’s talk about essentials to pack in your man bag

Females use to carry their bags so that they can empty their pockets, put makeup in it and all the essentials things in it so that they can deal with any kind of emergency. But what about men, where are they, do they don’t face any kind of emergency or they like to put everything in their pockets like DORAEMON. So let’s check some every essential thing every man should have in their bag.

 What’s in My Man Bag



First thing first a phone charger, this is a fact that most people don’t always remember to charge their phone before going out and this can cause them problems if they don’t find any place to charge their phone or you are clubbing and clicking selfies but at the time of leaving your phone switch off and you can’t book a cab or call someone. Why depend on something else, so next time don’t forget to put a power bank or charger

phone charger alphamenz


If you don’t think it’s not important, I will show how it is important by just one word – “BAD BREATHE”. Yes, this will generally destroy your confidence. Even after having any meal especially a meal which contains onion in it, I hope you got an idea what I’m talking about.

gums alphamenz


Yes, floss ladies and gentleman. Suppose you are on a super hot date and you have broccoli in your teeth. So be careful and carry a packet of floss and the best part is, it cheaper.

Dental Floss alphamenz


I can bet on that if you are getting late you will definitely forget to apply perfume / deo. Even there are some days when you lift your arms and ask your self did I, or did i not out deodorant on. Some DEO does not last long all day so you have to apply it one more time. Don’t face these things always care your boy spray.

body spray alphamenz


Whether its winter or summer always carry sunscreen and body lotion because we always forgot to put lotion off before leaving our house. Some men will thank me cause they are always in hurry and don’t pay attention towards the skin of their hands, even gymers do the same and that just not look pretty hygienic. This will hell and protect your skin from the sun and also moisturize it at the same time.



We live in a world that has dirt and pollution everywhere and if you are the one with oiling skin, then my friend you have to carry extra packets. these face wipes clear the dirt and oil from the face and make it more refreshing.

FACE WIPES alphamenz


You should always ready to face any kind of situation and this tool will help you to deal with most of them. A must to have tool that can be a lifesaver in some emergency cases,



People usually forget there keys and earphones before leaving their home, but when they really need them, then they realize that they forget them at the table. A very useful thing in public places like train, gym and parks.earphones alphamenz

So these are some everyday essential things that you must carry every day you can also add sunglasses,chapstick, comb, wax, pen etc depending on personal needs.


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