Finally, the WONDER WOMEN 1984 is realized and it’s doing wonders at the box office. Everyone was waiting for this movie desperately, especially the fans of Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot was constantly posting about the movie from behind the scenes to her workout session, she has uploaded numerous pictures and clips which makes people more curious about the movie. There are server clips of wonder women 1984 training on the internet which shows the hard work of Gal Gadot. This is how Gal, the wonder lady sweated in the gym and everything she ate for her fighting body. Wonder Women 1984 training for Gal Gadot, was much more difficult than you can ever imagine. From sweating for hours in the gym to sticking to a diet plan, the diva did it all to flaunt the superhero look. Only a six-month-long training could get the Israeli actress into the fighting form.

Wonder Women’s workout schedule

The actress of Wonder Women 1984 revealed in many interviews that her workout for the film was far more intense than that of the Israeli Army. Her deep workout regime involved cardio, stunt choreography, and flexibility workout. Forte for such action-packed- superhero movies are a must, so strength building was the key for her workout. Being conscious about her body, Gal didn’t miss out on a single day in the gym. Magnus trained Wonder Woman wisely during the film. Both spent an hour in the gym while working on a different body part each day. Every training session began with a five-minute warm-up on the treadmill, followed by twenty minutes of sprints. Squats, Lunge, skaters, hollow body holds, and much more were a part of the superhero’s workout routine.

Wonder Balanced Diet

Six hours of extensive training would have not been possible without a close proper diet. The Wonder Woman kept a close check on her diet. She started her day with eggs, fruits, and a cup of coffee. She mainly preferred vegetables- like, bell pepper, celery, cherry tomatoes, and avocado – as a staple in her diet. Being high on protein and low on carbs helped the fighter maintain her wellbeing throughout the journey. Water was an imperative part of her diet. She drank plenty of water all day to improve her metabolism. This amazingly rich and nourishing diet.



Maintaining mental, emotional, physical, and creative balance was supremely important for Gal, in such a hectic schedule. Meditation was on the top in Gal’s wellness routine. She was always eager to have a run out of her screen time and meditate. Well, it is better to empty your mind, be formless, shapeless just like water to get rid of all your stress.

Well, there is much in the wonder women training that we can easily adapt to keep ourselves fit. Just an hour of a gym with a pinch of a balanced diet can shape us, extremely well. From the superhero’s workout routine we can learn that meditation is vital for our daily wellbeing. It’s quite necessary to bring some calmness to our soul in our busy life. So just push your spirit and follow the amazing warrior workout routine.

WONDER WOMEN 1984 diet
source: gal_gadot/instagram


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